Meet the OPTA Board, Advisors, Honourary Counsel & Staff

The Board of Directors, composed of 12 members, is responsible for the approval of the strategic direction, budget and Association governance policies. In addition to its fiduciary duties, the Board focuses on key strategic topics that are impacting the Ontario transit and urban mobility sector to develop industry positions and/or mandate its standing committees to conduct additional research or initiatives on certain topics.

Board of Directors Meetings:

The Board meets regularly to address timely issues and provide guidance on government relations and operational issues.

Responsibilities of Board Members:

  • attend and actively participate in all meetings
  • keep an open mind, be eager to learn, and show sensitivity, empathy and compassion
  • represent the members’ views honestly and accurately
  • be committed to the Association’s mission and governing documents
  • place Association interests ahead of corporate or personal interests
  • be familiar with the Association’s structure, roles and responsibilities
  • review agendas and attachments completely, in advance of meetings, and be informed about the background of issues in order to be able to discuss them responsibly
  • when responsible for an agenda item, come fully prepared by consulting the available reports and staff members as required in advance
  • adhere to the agenda and do not introduce new items unless the chair opens the floor expressly for that purpose
  • be prepared to ask tough questions or to constructively disagree
  • be prepared to go beyond opposing or criticizing ideas, and instead work to create better alternatives
  • support Board solidarity by accepting the majority’s decision as a Board decision

Board of Directors

Kelly Paleczny, <br />London Transit Commission
Kelly Paleczny,
London Transit Commission
Vince Rodo, <br />Brampton Transit
Vince Rodo,
Brampton Transit
Vice Chair
Tony D'Alessandro, <br />Milton Transit
Tony D'Alessandro,
Milton Transit
Ann-Marie Carroll, <br />York Region Transit
Ann-Marie Carroll,
York Region Transit
Dave Sherlock,<br /> St. Catharines Transit Commission
Dave Sherlock,
St. Catharines Transit Commission
Past President
Bem Case, <br />Toronto Transit Commission
Bem Case,
Toronto Transit Commission
Paul Buck, <br />Belleville Transit
Paul Buck,
Belleville Transit
Sue Connor, <br />Burlington Transit
Sue Connor,
Burlington Transit
Barry Dykeman,<br />USSC Group
Barry Dykeman,
USSC Group
Tom Glover, <br />MTB Transit Solutions
Tom Glover,
MTB Transit Solutions
Geoff Marinoff, <br />MiWay (Mississauga Transit)
Geoff Marinoff,
MiWay (Mississauga Transit)
Carla Stout, <br />Niagara Falls Transit
Carla Stout,
Niagara Falls Transit
Sasha Pejcic, Evenergi Software Consulting Ltd
Sasha Pejcic, Evenergi Software Consulting LtdDirector

Advisors and Honourary Counsel

Adam Meldrum,<br />Ministry of Transportation (MTO)
Adam Meldrum,
Ministry of Transportation (MTO)
Wendy Reuter, <br />Canadian Urban Transit Association
Wendy Reuter,
Canadian Urban Transit Association
Michael Ledgett, <br />Dentons Canada LLP
Michael Ledgett,
Dentons Canada LLP
Honourary Counsel


Karen Cameron
Karen CameronC.E.O