Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Committee Updates and Communication


The Ontario Public Transit Association (OPTA) is the collective voice of the transit industry in Ontario. As a member-driven trade association, OPTA represents public transit systems, health and social service agency transportation providers, suppliers to the industry, consultants and government representatives.

Its Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Committee provides OPTA members with a forum to build and exchange ideas and knowledge to support the deployment of zero-emission vehicles across Ontario.

One of the ZEB Committee’s mandates is to:

  • “Provide guidance for considerations and impacts on planning, scheduling, training and operations.”

As part of the ZEB Committee work, OPTA partnered with the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) to undertake a review of leading practices in ZEB scheduling, planning, operations and training. This report is the result of that collaboration.

Upcoming and Past Events with Presentations

   Committee Forum

   Member-only area to start discussions.